Brandi Martin Duvall

Warren Circuit Court Clerk

In 2012, Brandi Duvall was elected as Warren County's newest Circuit Clerk in thirty years and, in 2018, Brandi was re-elected to a second term.  Brandi has over 20 years of office, management and accounting experience, the last 16 years specifically in the legal field.  In addition to her administrative role of overseeing 41 employees and the daily functions of managing a large office, Brandi is the official record keeper for the court system in Warren County.  She is responsible for maintaining and safekeeping the records of Circuit, District and Family courts, as well as maintaining the jury system for the county.  Brandi is the liaison to the public in regard to judicial matters and also serves as the financial officer for the court, receiving court payments and distributing court money accordingly.

Since taking office, Brandi has created and implemented much needed and long overdue changes in the office such as implementing rules and policies that create structure, bringing procedures and routine functions of the office into local and state compliance, and designing a modern filing system that creates safety, organization and accountability for the court's files.

Brandi Duvall and her knowledgeable staff of 41 deputy clerks care about our local court system and are dedicated public service going above and beyond to assist the general public, local attorneys and local agencies with their court related needs.  

Brandi is an avid fundraiser and volunteer in our community, a member of the Warren County Judicial Corporation, the Bowling Green Rotary Club, a board member of the Warren County Democratic Executive Committee, a member of the Warren County Democratic Women's Club, and oversees a monthly charity program along with her staff donating hundreds of items every year to local charities and organizations.

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