DRIVING PERMIT     (cost $12.00)



You MUST bring ALL of the following documents. Please be aware that we CANNOT accept anything photocopied or laminated.

*  Birth Certificate (original or certified with a seal)

*  Social Security Card (not laminated)

*  School Verification Form (obtain from your school)

*  A parent or legal guardian must be present with a valid form of ID.  A

   certified copy of court ordered custody or guardianship papers are

   required for any person not listed as a parent on the applicant's birth


*  Proof of address for a minor will be taken from the license or ID of the

   parent or guardian with whom the minor resides.


*  You must be at least 16 years old to take the written knowledge and

   vision test for an operator permit. 

*  Kentucky State Police does written and vision testing Monday through

   Friday starting at 8:00am and taking their last applicant at 11:45am.


*  There is no appointment necessary for written/vision testing.


*  Bring ALL necessary documentation (listed above) to the Driver's

   License Dept., you will be given a test card and sent one door down the

   hall to KSP testing. 


Upon passing your written/vision test, you will bring your test card and documentation back to the Driver's License Dept. where you will be issued a Driving Permit.  The cost is $12. 


If you do not pass, it's okay, KSP will retain your test card and you can come back and retake the test any day of the week during the hours that it is given.  There is no limit to the amount of times you can retake the written/eye exam. 


You will NOT be required to check in at the Driver's License Department upon returning to retest.  Since KSP retained your test card, you may go straight to KSP and take your test.

A permit must be held for 180 days and, during this time, a parent or guardian must certify that the driver has completed 60 hours of driving with 10 hours occurring at night.  A practice driving log is required and will be provided to you by KSP .  

Permit drivers under the age of 18 may not drive between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. unless the driver can demonstrate a good cause for driving. The driver must be accompanied by a licensed driver age 21 or older in the front seat of the vehicle.

At the end of this 6 month permit phase, you will be eligible for a road test.  Passing your road test will put you in an intermediate phase for 6 more months.

See Intermediate License Phase for more information.

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